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So Alone
Smash album cover
First Released Smash
Recorded Track Record in North Hollywood, California
Length 1:17
Singer/Guitarist Dexter Holland
Guitarist Noodles
Bassist Greg K.
Drummer Ron Welty
Produced by Thom Wilson

"So Alone" is the twelfth track on The Offspring's 1994 third album, Smash.


Look at the crowd, tell me whether
All are surrounded, but none are together
If you're awake, look all around
At all of the people

Still, you're so alone
So alone
So alone
So alone


If I could make a suggestion
Without sounding preachy or begging the question
Melt with your minds, melt with each other
Don't be surrounded

Don't be so alone
So alone
So alone
So alone

Fuck off!


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