Rise and Fall
Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace album cover
First Released Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace
Recorded Plantation Mixing and Recording, Haiku, Hawaii, D-13 Studio, Huntington Beach, California, and Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California
Length 2:59
Singer/Guitarist Dexter Holland
Guitarist Noodles
Bassist Greg K.
Drummer Josh Freese
Produced by Bob Rock

"Rise and Fall" is the twelfth and last track on The Offspring's 2008 eighth album, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.


This time you're really dead
Once followed, but always led
You thought you'd rise above it all

It’s all inside your head
All ripping it up in shreds
I know someday you're gonna fall

And I don't wanna say I told you so
But I told you so
Now you've lost control

And I don't wanna be the rise and fall
So gimme more or nothing at all

You’re in an awful way
Sucked in by what you crave
They just can't wait to see you crawl

And you can only laugh
Give in to the other half
They're only tearing down your walls

They've come to see you rise and fall
They're only tearing down your walls
They've come to see you rise and fall
And I don’t wanna say you've lost control

Rise and fall is
Good and evil,
Appearance and reality,
Judgment and reflection.
It is to judge and to be judged,
To dream and to accept.
It is Triumph and despair,
Wish and realization,

And we are both.


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