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Kill the President
Offspring 1995 album cover
First Released The Offspring
Recorded South Coast Recording, Santa Ana, California
Length 3:22
Singer/Guitarist Dexter Holland
Guitarist Noodles
Bassist Greg K.
Drummer Ron Welty
Produced by Thom Wilson

"Kill the President" is the eleventh and last track on The Offspring's 1989 debut album, The Offspring. The song is not featured in the 2001 reissue of that album; Dexter Holland has reportedly stated that the reason "Kill the President" was removed from that reissue was to prevent legal pressure falling upon the band and Nitro.


In a world without leaders
Who would start all our wars?
The world that you're saving
Will always be yours

Kill the President, voice of reason
Unify with that single line
Stop the man with the power of the government
A leader's not the center of democracy

In a world without leaders
Who'd make people starve?
The world that we're saving
Will always be ours

Everyone says "well, maybe I'll make a difference"
Thinking they got plenty of time
You're squeezed a little tighter everyday
Punished before you commit a crime

In a world without leaders
Who'd start all our wars?
The world that you're saving
Will always be yours


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